From Kegel exercises to fascia stretches, it’s possible to engage every part of the body these days no matter how obscure. Now, there’s a growing trend that works out the face. Yes, the face! According to ‘The New York Times,’ face-fitness classes are starting to pop up in the Big Apple.

A typical workout session at a class called Face Love Fitness could “involve a massage to activate the muscles, a forehead lift to tone the eye area, chin presses with a Pilates ring that rests under the chin, cooling jade rollers and a generous spritz of an orange mist at the end,” says writer Marisa Meltzer.

While it’s just starting to burgeon in the U.S., face fitness is already booming in Asia (where the majority of facial exercise equipment is being developed). So is there scientific cred to this trend or is it all hype? One plastic surgeon interviewed stands by the exercises, touting their ability to strengthen muscles, promote circulation and create ‘more of a glow.’

Have you come across these facial fitness classes? Would you try one?



The New York Times: Why Your Face Is Now Part of Your Workout