We’re obsessed with staying fit. We want the rock-hard abs, lithe dexterity and strength of a bear. Whether you’re doing it to look cosmetically good or to feel great, exercise is essential in any case. To date, there’s been plenty of trends that have come into the picture offering each and every fitness freak an option to carve their body, exactly how they want to. Let’s explore 2016’s options to see if there is anything that could benefit your objectives.

Bodyweight training

While it’s been around since 2013, bodyweight training is really taking off this year. This relatively new trend is for those who would like to work out without using too many mechanical equipment to get into shape. Instead, you use your body for resistance training. This also makes it ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much on gym membership. If you’re not going to join a gym to learn more about it, here is a link to how you can get started by yourself.

Functional fitness

Another trend that seems to be taking off is functional fitness. It’s good to mix this with bodyweight training, as both require very little equipment but provide a great deal of results. You’d typically add functional fitness to your daily routine, even if you’re sitting behind a desk all day. It can improve a variety of your abilities, including coordination, balance, force, power and endurance. It’s also a perfect fitness regimen for the elderly and can be paired with the next trend.

Weight loss and exercise

This may sound like it is not new, but weight loss coupled with exercise is seeing a surge of interest in the fitness world. It makes use of weight loss programs that emphasize caloric restrictions together with a tailored exercise regimen. Why this should be regarded as an essential trend is that weight loss is sometimes left in a vacuum, which can work if the diet is good enough. However, coupling it with a fitness program increases Its impact in a shorter time.

Worksite health promotion

Something that continues to be overlooked by many organisation is worksite health promotion. However, it may see a surge of interest this year as corporations begin to see the cost-saving benefits of having wellness programs within their organisations. Businesses will make use of professional trainers and advisors who put forward recommendations on how best to keep staff healthy, making use of internal infrastructure to allow for staff to train at their own convenience.

Outdoor activities

This is one trend that will never go old, especially considering how short summer is. Outdoor activities will continue to dominate, as they can be coupled with all of the above trends in order to provide more value to your health. Most are cheap or free, including walks, hikes and jogging in parks, forests and more. Using this technique together with functional, bodyweight and weight loss and exercise could maximise results and reduce costs for someone who doesn’t want the added responsibility of being a gym member, or doesn’t want to frequent and rely on gyms.