The sun on my skin is like chocolate on French fries. It all tastes great together until you see your face turn blue with nausea. So while I enjoy changing my appearance, red was never my color.

A lot of you might share the same sentiments and, if you do, sunscreen is probably your best friend. However, it can come at a price, and very little value. That’s why it’s always good to know your sunscreen. To help you know which is best, here are some you should consider for your family.

All Good Sport Sunscreen, SPF 33

When considering sunscreen, I generally look at how it’s going to affect me in general. All Good Sport Sunscreen has a low overall hazard rating, meaning it’s very safe to use. It has a moderate rating for allergies and immunotoxicity so my face won’t swell like a hot air balloon. Where it also excels is in the price range. It generally retails for about $12.  So at least I won’t be toasty and broke when I go surfing, making me less tasty to sharks.

Bare Belly Organics Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30

If my nephews and nieces could play outdoors forever in summer, we’d probably have less broken furniture, and very unhappy sunburnt kids. But not unless you use Bare Belly Organics Baby Sunscreen, which is great for toddlers and babies. It has an excellent rating for UVA/UVB balance and moderate toxicity. Now you can send your kids to play outside and rest knowing they won’t come back looking like their imaginary rocket actually took them to the sun.

BurnOut Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen, SPF 30

Beach days will never be the same. BurnOut SPF 30 has a moderate rating for both health concerns and UVA/UVB balance. This makes it perfect for most people who would like a cost-effective lotion that gives them enough protection when they go out into the sun. What makes it worthwhile is the fact that it doesn’t have any allergens or immunotoxicity, and its overall hazard is very low. So the whole family should be able to use it.

EltaMD UV Pure, Face and Body Physical Sunscreen, SPF 47

Just like Burnout, EltaMD SPF 47 is good for your pockets and skin. Step out into the sun and you won’t experience as much sunburn as you would have had you walked out shirtless and ashy. While its UVB rating is low, it won’t protect you as much from long term sun damage. So you can apply it, but don’t rely on it to give you 24 hours of sun protection. And even if it did, what would I need protection from in the evening? The moon?

Sunumbra Sunkids Natural Sunscreen, SPF 40

If you’re looking for a product with a high SPF for kids, this gives you bang for buck. It however comes with a moderate rating on both UVA/UVB balance and health concerns. This is not to say it’s a bad product. On the contrary, this sunscreen has the lowest overall hazard and no allergies or immunotoxicity. So you don’t have to worry about your kids walking in looking like they got a huge hickey while kissing the sun.