Good day contortion artist, or shall I say, dear yogi. By practicing yoga, you’ve undoubtedly become healthier and lithe. You’ve also found pleasure in how good you feel after, and now tell your friends about the power of Zen while sipping on your morning chai. Impressive.

Yet, dear yogi, you must feel like there is something lacking in your routine. Some kind of additional help that improves your flexibility, strength and – because yoga is not the most comfortable form of meditation – something that improves comfort. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s show you 10 awesome yoga accessories that are going to make you love yoga every time.

Plank yoga mats

Bet you didn’t know that such a thing exists, but Plank yoga mats are what you’ve always wanted in a mat. They increase your grip significantly, using a heat-activated surface. The result is a strong pose.


Even if you do yoga regularly, poses that rely on arm support can really dig into your wrists. YogaJellies are like the desk-hammocks of yoga. No, you can’t sleep in them, but you can rest your wrists on top of them when using your hands as support. They’re exceptionally comfortable and also provide great grip.

Mat Holder

If you’re like me, you most likely leave your yoga mat on the floor rolled up, but find it unfurled and with dog paw prints all over. This is where a mat holder comes in handy. This one offered by Etsy looks superbly crafted, as if it is a decorative piece, and can be used to hang your yoga towels as well.

Infinity Straps

If you’re new to yoga and are having problems with resistance, Infinity Straps may be what you need. They give you the perfect grip when stretching or contorting, and also stretch to fit the angle or force you’re applying.

Leather Yoga Mat Strap

Or maybe you’re not about that wall-mounting life. Maybe you want something that doubles as a yoga holder and sling for carrying your mat around. This is basically what the leather yoga mat strap is. You don’t need to nail it to a wall. Just hang it up a hook, or sling it over your shoulder. It features a fantastic, minimalist design and provides the right amount of comfort.

Leg warmers

If your yoga class has no central heating, or you practice yoga out in the cold, you know just how hard it is to get those joints to flex. Leg warmers are the ideal companion when it’s cold and you need to keep warm and lithe.

Yoga Mat Cycling Bag

Yes, I know. I have a habit of screaming at cyclists. But I actually love you guys. So much so that I think this yoga mat cycling bag is perfect for when you’re riding to or from your class. It leaves your hands to do the steering, which means I don’t yell at you the next time I see you holding your mat while cycling.