You’d be mistaken for thinking that you can’t achieve radiant skin. It’s not as difficult as you may have heard, requiring some secret concoction. The reality is that our skin loses its radiance due to a variety of factors. These include pollution, aging, sun damage, smoking and much more. While you may see your skin lose its radiance over time, you can get it back by following these easy tricks.

Keep your makeup brushes clean

As you use your makeup brushes, they also accumulate plenty of bacteria and dirt, which can damage the skin. Up to 72% of women actually don’t wash their brushes. This can result in breakouts. Every three weeks, give your loose powder brushes a good clean and once a week wash foundation brushes to ensure you’re safe from bacteria.

Clean that phone of yours

 Your smartphone has more germs on it than you can imagine, more than a toilet seat. You take it practically everywhere, including the bathroom and sometimes forget to wipe it clean. The bacteria that accumulates on it can be transferred to your face and the end result isn’t desirable clean, youthful skin. So every week give your phone a good wipe with an antibacterial wipe.

Sleep early

Pulling an all-nighter isn’t good for your mind and certainly not for your skin. Sleep is essential to repairing damaged cells. What’s more, not sleeping enough can seriously lower blood circulation, which leads to that pale and washed out look you see when you wake up the next day.

Take off the makeup before hitting the sack

Makeup might make your skin look good during the day, but it is not good for you while you sleep. It clogs pores, and also gathers with the dirt that accumulates around your face. This can lead to breakouts or, even worse, face dandruff. Makeup also contains a sugar molecule that can transform into yeast overnight, so strip that makeup off before bed.

Don’t run a hot shower

 We’re all guilty of running hot showers in the morning or after a long hard day. While it feels great under the gushing sprites, the hot water washes away essential oils. It can also burn the skin mildly which causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in your face appearing flushed and ruddy.

Don’t touch your face often

Your hands are also a haven for bacteria since you use them to touch anything from your keyboard and smartphone to coffee mugs and the handles in trains. This is why you shouldn’t touch your face as often as you do, as doing so smudges some of the bacteria on your face, creating an environment where breakouts are more likely and the skin appears unhealthy. You may be surprised by how much your face clears up just because you stopped touching it.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses provide more than just sun protection. They’re actually a very good defence for your eyes, even better than sunscreen. So when you walk out into the sun, make sure you have a trusty pair of sunglasses handy.