We will all grow old at some point in our lives. It’s part of the process of living, and if you want to live healthy you have to accept that its part of a growing process. While we undoubtedly know that we are going to grow old, we’re filled with so much anxiety.

What if I look less attractive, or never look attractive at all?

Will I find myself alone forever, or die with the right person alongside me?

Can I make a difference in everyone’s life that I have touched?

What is my true purpose?

All these questions arise as we age, and sometimes they can make us forget the purpose of living. While the purpose isn’t as clear cut, one of life’s greatest joys is looking at the comical nature of letting the years teach us a thing or two about what life truly is. So if you’re anxious about reaching thirty-something or the magical sixty-something, here are a few tweets that will make you realize the joys of growing old.

1. Your parents were on to something when they put you on that 8 o’clock time-for-bed business


2. When you finally discover this whole time travel thing but still can’t control it


3. You’ve got enough experience about how to be precautious when you sunbathe


4. You always dreamed of becoming a superhero and now the universe just answered your prayers 50 years too late


5. You spent your entire life dodging spectacles and now you need the same lenses they put on the Hubble Telescope


6. You expected to look as glorious as Gandalf The White, but all you got was the same grey that showed up 5 years ago


7. When you realize that you outlived dinosaurs, and it suddenly dawns on you that the big bang wasn’t even a thing back then


8. When your love life is still starting out even though it’s been starting out for the last 30 or so years


9. You’ve read and reread a book more times than you can imagine, but still don’t know what’s happening


10. Your wisdom is finally finding its vision, but you know you’re going to forget where you placed your glasses anyway


11. And you just can’t really be bothered about the cold weather. Who needs two layers of clothing?