If you've ever gone to a yoga class and been intimidated by rows of sinewy bodies as flexible as rubber bands, you'll be happy to discover this new grassroots trend: fat yoga.

Unashamedly geared toward bigger bodies, classes across the country are declaring themselves fat-friendly by offering posture modifications and a radically accepting environment. Students don't mind being branded "fat" if it means they can get a challenging workout that actually addresses their own physical challenges.

“I wanted something that was unapologetically and enthusiastically voluptuous, and not as p.c. as ‘Yoga for people who have pleasing curves,’ ” said Megan Stancill to The New York Times who teaches "MegaYoga" at studios in New York. “People pussyfoot around saying it, and I wanted to make it really clear who this was for. It’s for people who are large.”

Have you ever opted out of a workout or practice because of your weight? Will you try "fat yoga?" 

The New York Times: They're Not Afraid to Say It: 'Fat Yoga"