For the 1.7 million women diagnosed with breast cancer annually worldwide, scientists may have some hopeful news. The result of a study shows that adding the hormone progesterone to tamoxifen (the standard drug treatment for breast cancer) slowed tumor growth in mice. Scientists found that when progesterone attaches to the progesterone receptor in cancer cells it alters the estrogen receptor, which puts ‘a second brake’ on tumor growth. In the study, mice were implanted with breast tumors but those that got a dose of progesterone with their tamoxifen had tumors that were half the size compared to those that received just the tamoxifen. Since the treatment isn’t yet available to patients, we suggest taking precautionary measures in the meantime (don’t neglect those monthly self-exams, for starters). Almost 70 percent of women survive breast cancer beyond 20 years with their chances improving with timely detection. What’s your take on this study? Could it impact you or women you know? Share your thoughts in the comments.