Our bodies are phenomenal creations. They make use of bone and muscle to facilitate movement, capable of lifting, tugging and pushing more than our own body weight. They’re highly versatile, offering us a range of motion for doing almost everything we want to do. Most importantly, our bodies are very capable of lifting, pushing and pulling themselves.

Using your body as an exercise machine is one of the best ways to stay fit. For starters, you’re always a body away from getting in shape. Secondly, if you do it regularly, you might find that you spend less time at the gym and save more money.

But how do our bodies transform to bodyweight training? Here are a few insights into the workout technique.

Your psyche changes

One stumbling block to staying active is our insecurity towards our bodies, which we all suffer from especially when we’re new at the gym. Since you’re now using bodyweight training to stay active, you won’t be concerned about being judged in public spaces. This can actually motivate you to carry on, as you’re able to perform your routine in any space you’re most comfortable with. What’s more, you can ask your friends to join in and start your own workout sessions at home.

You suffer from less joint and bone pain

Repetitive movements and injuries in the gym increase the likelihood of bone and joint pain. They’re more likely to affect those who practice strength training using heavy exercise machinery. Unlike strength training at the gym, bodyweight training makes use of your body, which you’re basically supporting every day, and are used to as well. This means that you’re less likely to carry more than you can handle or execute any manoeuvre that may result in injuries.

Your muscles become leaner over a short period of time

Bodyweight training is basically using your body as weights. While you may not be able to increase the weight you’re lifting or pulling, you can increase the amount of reps, and it’s easier. What results is leaner muscles that over time will appear just as they would if you were doing strength training in the gym.

You enjoy better sleep

Just like any other form of exercise, doing bodyweight training can help you get a better quality of sleep than before. This makes the technique a perfect alternative to pharmaceutical treatments, as it doesn’t come with the side effects, and can be done at any time without a prescription.

Your cardio is vastly improved

Bodyweight training isn’t just for strength. It can also be coupled with cardio workouts for maximum effect. Performing burpees in between strength training can act as a break, and also give you more energy and improved cardio fitness.

Fat disappears a lot faster

Because you can mix both cardio and strength training in one session, bodyweight training can help you lose weight fast. Circuit training, for example, can impact the body’s metabolism significantly even if you perform it for a few minutes.

You become more flexible

Bodyweight training isn’t just for the muscle craving exerciser. The technique can be used by anyone to improve almost anything including those who would like more lithe movements. If you perform a full range of motions while doing the exercise, you’re more likely to enjoy more freedom in your joints.