Detoxing is widely misunderstood. It’s been transformed into a term used to solely define purging the body of food waste within the gut, and a way of losing weight. However, this is just part of the process of detoxing.

In reality, detoxing is a process of ridding the body of all kinds of toxins. This includes toxins we inhale, the negative thoughts we process, the unhealthy food we eat, and much more. To understand the true effects of purging, you need to understand it holistically. Toxins exist everywhere, some psychological and others very physical.

What this means is that a holistic detox impacts your body in unimaginable ways. To show you just how much of an impact detoxing can make in your life, here are a few insights into how it changes the body.

Detoxing the mind

There’s much more to the mind than what meets the eye. It’s a complex structure of grey matter processing an incredible amount of information, some of it negative in degrees varying. The reality is that sometimes we think very negatively of ourselves. The end result is an uninspired, demotivated mind-set that hinders us from taking steps to understand ourselves within the world we live in. Biologically speaking, negative thoughts can have adverse effects on how much serotonin (the hormone in charge of our happiness) the brain produces.

Meditation, especially techniques such as mindfulness, can be classed as a form of purging, as the basic premise is relaxing the mind and sorting through your thoughts so you can be in the present. As our minds are clouded by too many thoughts, the act of meditation helps us root out the causes and create a mind map (if you will) of how to better deal with them. The more we meditate and stay in the present the less negative thoughts we have, which leads to an increase in feel good chemicals such as serotonin being released by the brain as positive thoughts motivate and inspire it.

Detoxing the respiratory system  

While smokers are more prone to complications with their respiratory system, we’re all exposed to contaminants in the air. In some places people have to endure fallout, such as smog, all of which is not good for the body if consumed in large doses and/or regularly.

When it comes to purging the respiratory system, you’d more likely take a hike into remote areas where nature feels untouched by man. In such places, you would do well to avoid inhaling substances such as tobacco, focussing on breathing in clean air that clears up the lungs of toxins you may have inhaled.

However, purging the lungs can also be done through simply staying active, as you inhale more clean air as you do cardio, strengthening your lungs and heart. In turn, cardio then increases blood circulation, which sends a surge of clean air circulating within your body. As a result, the respiratory system is cleansed and repaired, leaving you feeling more awake and aware of your surroundings.

Detoxing the gut

As has been mentioned before, detoxing the gut forms a small part of the holistic nature of detoxing. This discipline teaches us how to rid ourselves of waste that may clog up our digestive system, creating congestion and bloating. If you can’t digest food properly, the result is that your body won’t get much needed nutrients while also being home to toxins that aggravate the gut. Where people fail to see the benefits of detoxing the gut, is the preconceived notion that it just helps with losing weight.

While detoxing can help with weight loss, you actually detox to improve digestion as well as creating an environment where your gut can feel at peace. If you detox right, your body begins to feel lighter, more flexible and less sluggish than before. You get more energy because you’re eating healthy food that is absorbed by the body far better than before, while ridding yourself of destructive oxidants that may have been absorbed by the body.

It must be said that detoxing the gut is something you need to closely study. It’s not as simple as just blending juice mix; some have been poisoned by vegetables such as raw green beans. You should identify the best/safest fruits and vegetables that help you cleanse, starting with food that boasts a lot of fibre and going on to food that has much needed nutrients. In other words, you should try identify the particular problem you need to purge, find out the best remedy and recipe (which includes food that cleans the system and food that replenishes the nutrients your body has been missing).

There’s more to detoxing than what we think. It’s not just consuming the right food or clean air. It’s about our thoughts and general outlook on life. For detoxing to be something that provides results, it needs to include some (if not all) parts of the body where toxins can build up and block your body from performing at its optimum capacity. And we all know that a body that performs at its optimal capacity is one that is living healthy.