Throughout our lives we spend a third sleeping, 4.3 years driving and 3 months stuck in traffic. 70% of our time is spent in front of digital media, while 90% is spent indoors and 5 years sitting at a desk. All of this is more than we do standing or walking. The resulting outcomes for an average person who may not workout, or workout for an hour a week, aren’t ideal.

Your body needs to be active throughout the day even if you’re indoors. Not doing so can lead to plenty of complications. Science has pointed out that while we sit, our heart rate slows down and our muscles become inactive. This then reduces the amount of calories you’re burning, and can lead to high cholesterol, worsen obesity and cause heart conditions.

The reality is that being inactive isn’t at all good for you. Sitting can make it worse. You’re also prone to back problems and, if you have a history of diabetes in your family, you’re at a much higher risk. The dangers are more than you can imagine. However, we’re not trying to scare you into standing or walking, because doing so can also help you with improving your health and entire wellbeing.

In fact, there is scientific proof that walking a mile at a speed of 3mph can help someone who weighs 220lbs burn up to 117 calories. If you’re someone who doesn’t frequent the gym or isn’t even working out, walking could be good enough to maintain a healthy weight.

The benefits of regularly walking can be further improved by frequently standing for as little as 15 minutes for every hour you spend sitting. Research has shown that when you’re standing for about 4 hours you can burn up to 610 calories a day. What’s more, it helps increase your heart rate, which in turn gives a boost to your metabolism.

Standing has also been proven to help increase productivity, as there is more oxygen circulating throughout your body. Your brain requires about 20% of your total oxygen, so you get more of it when your heart is pumping blood at its most optimal rate.

You might be wondering how you can stand while you’re at work, and that’s simple. Office furniture manufacturers offer a variety of standing desks for you to choose from. The best would be one that allows you to adjust its height so you can switch between standing and sitting.

Although standing desks do come in handy, you should seriously consider whether you need one before purchasing it. This is because there is also contradicting research that says that standing desks aren’t as beneficial. However, this doesn’t mean standing is useless, as doing so helps free up circulation in your legs and promotes a healthier back.

Whether you spend most of your time behind a desk or the wheel, it’s essential to try fit in some standing and walking. Even after work, taking a walk allows you to also destress and collect your thoughts. So apart from helping you manage a healthy weight, you’re also enjoying a myriad of benefits which will help you in the long run.