We’ve all experienced a personal sonic nightmare: the crunch of a bad filling, the pop of an ACL, the thunderous rumble of an empty tummy. Now imagine if you could hear every single sound your body makes—loudly—including the beating of your heart, the slightest movement of your muscles and even your eyes blinking.

That was the case for Rachel Pyne, a 28-year-old Indiana woman, who was afflicted with drastically enhanced hearing caused by her inner ear having an ‘abnormal opening in the bone,’ according to her doctor. “I could hear my neck muscles moving, like different things inside my body and when you tell people that, they are like, ‘you're crazy,’” Pyne said in an interview with ABC News.

Fortunately, her issue was remedied instantly with surgery. Prior to the operation, she was barely able to function, preoccupied by her body’s myriad sounds and their effect on her equilibrium. While we all have personal tolerance levels for sounds, we can all agree hearing your own body would be anguishing. Do you tend to be sensitive to sounds?



ABC News Radio: Woman Who Could Hear Her Own Body Sounds Gets Corrective Surgery