It sounds like something out of an episode of ‘Masters of Sex.’ In 2010, a Dutch woman (named Mrs. A in the case report) sought medical treatment for an affliction some of us might not care to remedy: five to six daily orgasms in her left foot. Turns out, they stemmed from nerve damage suffered during an episode of sepsis, and as the nerves healed, the woman’s brain misinterpreted their signals.

“The experience of this induced orgasmic sensation originating in the left foot was of the same orgasmic quality as what Mrs. A experienced when having an orgasm induced by sexual intercourse with her husband,” said the co-authors of the report. “Moreover, when making love to her husband, Mrs. A experienced a vaginal/clitoral orgasm, which was immediately followed by the same orgasmic sensation in her left foot. “

This case points to the direct physiological connection between the feet and the groin, which, incidentally, might explain the ever-fascinating topic of foot fetishes. Have you ever experienced an orgasm outside your groin area? What would you do if you did?

Source: Science of Us: The Woman Who Had Orgasms in Her Left Foot