As if an increased risk of death, raised anxiety and slower metabolism weren’t bad enough, here’s yet another possible pitfall of sitting: It may raise cancer risk in women. According to a new study, high levels of sitting during leisure time brought about a 10 percent raised risk of the multiple myeloma (cancer of the white blood cells), as well as breast and ovarian cancers. Researchers admit they’re puzzled why this risk particularly singles out women over men, especially since the study ruled out less daily exercise as a potential culprit. Regardless, it seems our best bet is to minimize sitting during leisure time. In addition to walking throughout the workday or standing at your desk, we suggest saving your favorite sitcom for when you hit the treadmill at the gym or do a few chores around the house during commercial breaks. What are some of your ideas for resisting the urge to kick up your feet? Sound off in the comments!