How convenient to have this news pop up mid-barbecue season, right gentlemen?

A new study published in Fertility & Sterility by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston found that men who ate the least amount of processed meat, such as sausage, bacon and the canned variety, saw an 82 percent in-vitro fertilization (IVF) rate, while men who ate the most processed meat saw a 54 percent rate.

Though this new research shows that certain meats potentially reduce fertility, the good news for barbecue lovers is that not all meat is being lambasted. Just watch out for processed meats and you can hang tight to your fresh rib-eye (at least for now).

And what about chicken? Among couples undergoing IVF, men who ate the most poultry had a 13 percent higher fertilization rate than those who ate the least amount of poultry. Of course, one caveat that hasn’t been determined is whether those who ate more poultry also had healthier lifestyles to begin with.

Although it's difficult to really tell how much diet affects something as complicated as fertility, reducing your processed-meat intake is healthy for you in general so it's worth exploring.

Are you willing to give up spam in light of this new study?