You can order a high-octane drink called a 'Mind Eraser' at most chain bar-and-grills, but it seems the real mind erasers are the trans-fat laced fried appetizers which often accompany it. A new study has shown that eating trans-fats—hydrogenated oils which are engineered to remain solid at room temperature—not only clogs our arteries, but also affects our cognition directly. No wonder the FDA has ordered a ban on trans-fats to take place over the next three years. But even though hydrogenated oils are universally recognized as a food villain, they can be hard to identify. To make sure you’re not eating them before the ban, be especially cautious when selecting processed foods: baked goods, refrigerated dough, non-dairy 'dairy' products (such as margarine and coffee creamer) and fried snacks. Substitute coconut oil for shortening in your cooking, because even when a nutrition label says ' 0 grams trans-fats,' it can legally contain up to 0.5 grams per serving—which can really add up. Have you noticed a connection between memory and trans-fats? Share your thoughts in the comments.