Pelvic floor pain is undoubtedly uncomfortable for those who suffer from it. If you have experienced problems urinating (in frequency, pain or interrupted streams), constipation and painful intercourse (orgasms and sexual stimulation), you may well have it. However, you’d have to first speak to your GP to find out. That said, treating pelvic floor pain can be done using the yoga techniques below.

Cow pose

The cow pose is one of the best ways to warm up the spine. To get started, place your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Once you’re there, ensure that you’ve placed your knees directly below your hips and wrists. Your elbows should stretched downwards, straight to the floor. Keep your head in a neutral center position and keep looking down.

Thereafter, inhale while lifting your sitting bones and chest upwards and your belly sinking to the floor. Do this while lifting your head straight.

Finally you should exhale, returning to the neutral table top position you previously were in.  

Some also choose to work in the cat pose to optimise this technique’s efficacy.

Watch this video for a visual interpretation.

Bridge pose

To protect your neck, place a folded blanket under your shoulders. Lie face upwards, stretched out. Your knees should be bent with your feet positioned to the floor. Try keep your heels as close to the sitting bone as you can.

While pressing your inner feet and arms actively on the floor, breathe out and lift your tailbone towards the pubis. Try doing so while making your buttocks firm, but don’t harden them. Thereafter, lift your buttocks off the floor. Your inner feet and thighs at this point should be parallel to each other. Put your hands behind your pelvis held together, while extending your arms to help you stay on top of your shoulders.

Once again lift your buttocks but this time only until they’re almost parallel to the floor. Your knees at this point should be directly over your heels and then try push them forward away from your hips. Extend your tailbone until it’s close to the backs of the knees. Thereafter, thrust your pubis toward your navel.

Now for the fourth stage. You should now try lift your chin away from your sternum. Your shoulders blades should be firm against your back while you press the top of the sternum forward to the chin. Thereafter, make your arms firm and broaden your shoulder blades and create a space between the blades and your neck’s base up into the torso.

Try keep this pose for up to a minute, or at least for 30 seconds. Once done exhale while rolling your spine down onto the floor.

Click on this link to watch a video on how to get the most out of your bridge pose.

Staying active using the right techniques such as the yoga poses can really help to alleviate pelvic floor pain. There are plenty more poses that you can try, including:

Big Toe Poses

Lord of the Dance Pose

Lotus Pose

Head-to-Knee forward Bend