If you spend the majority of the day behind a desk, it’s more than likely that you’re not as active as you would like to be. Even if you do frequent the gym, those eight hours can set you back as you spend them in a sedentary position. It’s even worse for those who don’t exercise, as the health risks of being inactive range from heart disease and diabetes to back problems and much more.

The thing is, you can stay active while in the office, and here are a few tips you can use while filling out some paper work.

Set a walking path

Walking is essential throughout the day. Not only does it get you from point A to B, but it does so while helping you lose a lot of calories. You also get a boost of energy, as your heart rate increases.

While in the office, create a map of where you would like to walk to, whether that’s around the cubicles or to each boardroom. The more maps you have the better. After every hour of work, get up and spend 15 minutes walking around those maps. If you can, include a map of outside where you can get fresh air and much needed natural light.

Drink coffee then tea

Coffee is great for waking you up, but can prove troublesome when you have had too much of it and you’re trying to concentrate. If it packs a punch of caffeine, it can also mess with your sleep cycles.

As much as you may want to drink three cups of coffee, rather stick to one each day. If you need more caffeine switch to tea after your first cup, as it also contains caffeine, but has a more calming effect. The result is that you still have energy, but it’s less powerful than before. If you still need a cup, drink sparingly so that you don’t have too much caffeine in your system.


Sitting for long periods of time can slow circulation and lead to cramps and stiffness. This will deal a blow to your productivity, and you’re more than aware of this.

Just before you sit, and right after you walk through your map(s), perform a few stretch routines to help alleviate any tension and loosen up your muscles.

Play Pokémon Go

Not everyone at Living Healthy is a fan, but Pokémon Go has its upsides. One of those is making people walk, especially when there are valuable Pokémon to catch. So download the app and (instead of creating walking maps), use it every hour to go looking for Pokémon for 15 minutes. Because Pokémon are found in different locations, you’re more than likely going to take different routes to find them.

Keep a glass of water handy

There should be water by your bedside, in your car’s cup holder and – most importantly – office desk. Always have a glass of water handy, regardless of whether you’re in a meeting or trying to meet deadlines in your cubicle.

Talk to colleagues

Silence can be uninspiring, and the constant beeping and scanning of printers can make people sleepy. This is especially so as you plateau after lunch, a time that is hard for anyone to stay awake.

If you have plenty of colleagues, make it a habit to speak to them when you take your breaks. You can discuss whatever is most interesting to you, or anything work related. However, try have positive, inspiring conversations that can give you a different perspective and motivates you to get more out of your day at work.