That feeling when you’ve just done a killer set is unbeatable—just ask fitness model and nurse @vanessatib! We discussed that and more during our sit-down with Tib for her #LivingHealthy Q/A.

LivingHealthy: As a popular public figure, it's safe to say that some of your fans look up to you. Do you think inspiring and enabling your fans to live healthy is important?  

Vanessa Tib: Inspiring and enabling others to live a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance to me. Aside from being a fitness model, I am also a full-time emergency room nurse. During my years of nursing, I have encountered a tremendous amount of people who are in poor health and suffering from various chronic diseases. Every day, I see an increase in people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, amongst many other diseases. This has made me realize just how important it is for us to take care of ourselves and to protect our health. Many of these diseases and illnesses can be prevented or better managed if we take the time to make necessary changes to our lifestyles. It is important to always be mindful of how and what we eat, to adapt a healthy diet and to stay or become active by including physical activity most days a week. If I can motivate just one person to start taking better care of oneself and to improve his/her health, then it has made my public visibility worthwhile.

LH: You're big on social media. What are some of the biggest health and fitness trends or accounts you're following?

Tib: I tend to follow informational and motivational accounts. I believe that knowledge is key when trying to learn how to follow a healthy lifestyle or find what changes in diet and training will work for you. Sites and pages like LivingHealthy, WebMD and Mayo Clinic are great sources of information and pages like SimplyShredded, Muscle & Fitness and Flex are great sources of motivation for me.

LH: As someone who is always in front of a camera, what are your biggest habits (or secrets!) that keep you looking camera-ready?

Tib: There are no secrets! Living healthy is what keeps me camera ready. This is my lifestyle. I love being active, exercising and eating healthy.

LH: What is your living healthy mantra? What internal monologue motivates you to keep yourself working hard to be healthy in mind, body and spirit?

Tib: No excuses! There will always be times when you feel down, unmotivated or even depressed. Even when feeling so, I tell myself that there are no excuses and once I get out there and do something active, I always feel better afterwards.

LH: What is the most recent personal achievement or change that you are most proud of? Why?

Tib: My most recent personal achievement is completing my bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Over the past two years, I have been working diligently, while working full-time, on upgrading my Associate’s Degree to a Bachelor’s. I believe you must always be striving to better yourself, whether it be mentally or physically. Always try to continue improving and learning. 

LH: If you could only pick one, what would you say is your best living healthy habit?

Tib: Eating healthy. It doesn't matter how much one exercises, if you don't supplement it with a healthy diet you are never going to see the results you really want. I always make sure to buy and prepare my healthy meals for the week, and I never leave my house without my meals, healthy snacks and plenty of water.

LH: Favorite workout or class at the moment?

Tib: I love resistance training and most of my workouts consist of some variation of such. However, I do try to enjoy the outdoors as much as I can. Living in New York, our winters can sometimes be long and brutal. Therefore, during the spring and summer months I try to take my workouts outdoors as much as I possible. When I do, I enjoy doing sprints, running stairs, bodyweight exercises and hiking. Anything that gets my body moving is good in my books.


LH: What relationships have been the most influential in your personal living-healthy journey: Parents, coaches, friends, competitors, professional trainers/athletes?

Tib: Having a supportive family and husband definitely helps one when trying to adapt a healthy lifestyle or achieve a goal. During the beginning of my health and fitness journey, my mother would always try to feed me and say that I was losing too much weight. Now, after seeing my achievements, she always has grilled chicken and vegetables ready for me when I visit. I am also lucky enough to have a supportive husband who is also very active and enjoys the same healthy lifestyle as myself. We always look forward to our weekends off together so that we can find a new hike or get our workouts in at the gym. Having someone by your side that respects and appreciates all that you are doing in order to become a healthier individual is priceless.


LH: In a world full of dieting fads and very little access to wellness resources, why do you think it's important that people have access to trusted and informative health information and experts?

Tib: Fads and diets may get you in shape temporarily, but so many people find them hard to maintain and fall back into old habits. The more knowledge and information you consume, and the more you learn about yourself and your body, the better equipped you will become to find what works for you. When you are able to make and accumulate slight life changes over time, you will learn what will show results and what you will enjoy. If you enjoy something and how it makes you feel, you will be more likely to maintain those life changes.