It's no surprise that Vanessa Williams, the gorgeous 51-year-old mom of four, cuts out alcohol, sugar and carbs when gearing up for the red carpet. And, the actress says looking great can be easy.

"Just eating as clean as you possibly can when you have a goal to attain," Williams said in an interview with ABC News. Williams admits to juicing regularly (using hot water and lemon to keep you cleansed and hydrated) and conforming to an organic diet.

As for working out, Williams tries to do some sort of exercising every single day, “whether it's taking a class or jumping on the treadmill." She also enjoys doing yoga.

What is surprising is that, for two years now, she's been the voice of the brown M&M. I'm willing to bet she doesn't eat too many of them.



ABC News: Vanessa Williams Shares Her Simple Fitness and Beauty Regimen