Big news for asthma sufferers: Running on a treadmill could actually relieve your asthma symptoms. It may sound contradictory—after all, people with asthma believe that exercise only exacerbates repertory problems— but new research is proving the contrary. A new study found that those with asthma (aged 20 to 59) who ran for 35 minutes on a treadmill twice (thought it didn't specify whether running inside or outside makes a difference) a week paired with 30-minute yoga breathing sessions showed greater improvement in their ‘bronchial hyperresponsiveness’ (the speed at which the airway constricts) compared to those who solely participated in the breathing sessions. What do you think of these findings? If you have asthma, do you find that exercise helps? Or are you willing to try now that there’s more evidence that it can? Sound off in the comments.