We’ve grown accustomed to genetic testing in doctors’ offices. It’s used to determine our risk of certain diseases, our biological compatibility with potential mates. But now saliva sampling has moved to the cosmetics counter, with a British skincare company called GeneU employing an on-site spit test that helps technicians select the best serums for each consumer's dermatological needs. Helmed by former Duran Duran keyboard player Nick Rhodes, GeneU charges more than $1,000 for a genetic test and a two-week serum supply. If you’re not willing to put up that kind of cash, it’s only a matter of time before you can reap the benefits of this new technology with just a visit to the drugstore: mass brand Olay is collaborating with 23andMe to study what it calls 'exceptional skin agers,' for genetic clues to their magnificence. Would you give a private cosmetics company access to your genome? Do you think all this talk of DNA customization offers skin hope, or hype? Sound off in the comments.