In recent years, research has linked marriage with several health benefits—lower stress levels, improved mental health and lower risk of heart attacks, to name a few. Now, a new study adds another bullet point to the ‘pros’ side of tying the knot: Marriage may help heavy drinkers kick the habit. Particularly for people between the ages of 18 and 40, getting married led to reductions in couples’ overall drinking rates along with helping severe ‘problem drinkers’ significantly cut back. Researchers believe one reason may be because marriage encourages couples to ‘adapt’ to new roles, which could prompt them to rethink unhealthful habits. While marriage can certainly be a good springboard for re-evaluating lifestyle changes, be wary of trying to ‘force’ anything on your partner. As married couples can attest, encouragement can easily turn to ‘nagging’ if it’s overdone. For all you married folks, what are some ways that marriage has impacted your personal well-being? Sound off in the comments!