Most of us know Emily Rajatkowski as the seemingly airbrushed, brown-haired bombshell in the music video for Robin Thicke’s notorious hit, ‘Blurred Lines.’ If you’ve ever wondered how someone could dance naked onscreen for four minutes and 31 seconds looking that good, wonder no more: She’s finally sharing her secrets.

First off, Rajatkowski puts emphasis in taking care of her skin. “I have the same skin-care routine morning and night, although I’m not one of those people who always uses the same products,” said Rajatkowski in an interview with the New York Times. “My skin changes with the weather.”

The actress also doesn’t employ a trainer, preferring to hike the wilds of Los Angeles with her girlfriends. What's more is that she not only gets naked onscreen, but also at the famed Los Angeles-based communal Korean spa, Natura, where everyone lounges around in their birthday suits.

Aside from the major relaxation, perhaps a side benefit is that it offers a way to ‘practice’ being nude? Let us know: Could you relax in a spa where you—and all around you—were sporting birthday suits? Do you have any special techniques to boost your body confidence? 



New York Times: Emily Ratajkowski on Her Beauty Regimen and How She Doesn’t Use a Traine