We’re no strangers to advertising gurus subconsciously coercing us into buying the latest and greatest product to hit the market. But can happiness really be one of them? Though we would argue that happiness is subjective to each individual, there are companies looking to capitalize on happiness' sizable economic potential. A few upcoming “happiness” technologies on the brink of surfacing: Happiness watches, which would measure happiness similar to fitness and health apps; The Muse—a $300 gadget that promises to ‘improve emotional state’ by helping you develop more empathy; and Thync, a device that uses ‘neurosignaling’ to shift your state of mind in a matter of minutes.’ What do you think of happiness as being something to box, brand and sell? Would you be willing to try any of these devices? Or would you rather keep your pursuit of happiness free from being tracked and quantified? Share your thoughts in the comments below.