Often times we may take what we have for granted. I know I do. But there are two things you can do according to a Books for Better Living article to improve on that. The first is to be grateful.

The writer of the article details how she has practiced gratitude in her life by putting her hands on her heart and taking deep breaths when she first wakes up in the morning while saying “thank you” for all the great things in her life. But being grateful everyday can be a hard task so that’s where “forgiveness” comes in. “Forgiveness of self can be a powerful practice, too. It’s something so many of us neglect,” says writer Kira Roark. “So often we extend patience and compassion to others while withholding that kindness from ourselves.”

The ubiquitous talk of gratitude these days threatens to turn one of the most sacred human sentiments into an empty platitude. That's why this article really resonated with me--if you're not in the mood to meditate on gratitude, try forgiveness. You can start by forgiving yourself for not feeling grateful 100 percent of the time. What things are you grateful for? To read more on gratitude and forgiveness click on the link below.



Books for Better Living: When Gratitude Doesn’t Come Easily, Try Forgiveness