What type of drink personality are you: ‘Ernest Hemingway’ (no signs of intoxication), ‘Mary Poppins’ (agreeable), ‘Nutty Professor’ (shy when sober, loud when drunk), or ‘Mr. Hyde’ (less conscientious and disagreeable)? Students at the University of Missouri, Columbia conducted a study to examine the type of personality traits of college students who drank excessively. Why would students conduct such a seemingly frivolous study? Because it may help clinicians—such as psychological professionals and addiction medicine specialists—get inside the minds of addicts, discovering more targeted ways to help them. If you’re worried about your own drinking behavior or that of someone you care about, consider taking a self-assessment test. The test can help determine yours or someone else’s relationship with alcohol. How does your personality mix with alcohol? Does the change upset you, or offer relief? Share your feelings and experiences in the comments.