The answer to this question affects people—and society—around you, just as much as it does your own self-image. Those who identify with the head tend to, unsurprisingly, make more logical and less emotional decisions than those who feel their heart contains their essence. Researchers also found that the ‘head-selfers’ saw themselves as independent, while the ‘heart-selfers’ identified as part of a global community. And it turns out that a clearly defined internal point-of-view has important implications for decision-making in politics, medicine, child rearing and basically every arena of human life. Knowing whether you’re a head or heart person could help you make better reasoned, more self-aware choices for yourself and your loved ones. So next time you’re faced with a quandary, ask yourself where your answer is coming from—and make sure it’s coming from the right place. Are you ruled by your brain or your heart? Help us conduct our own informal study in the comments.