Although Lyme disease is the most common tick-related malady in the Northeast, the South is home to an even deadlier bug: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Unlike Lyme, the symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are not subtle: It starts with flu-like symptom, but can quickly progress into a state of septic shock. That’s what happened to a 40-year-old mom named Jo Rogers, who developed gangrene after being infected near the Oklahoma-Arkansas border. She has since undergone amputations on all four limbs as well as a tracheotomy. Her family is hopeful the worst is behind her, but they want to spread awareness about the disease. To start, learn how to best avoid getting bit by an infected tick: Try to wear long sleeves and pants while outdoors, and look for items treated with the bug-repellent permethrin. Have you had experience with a tick-borne illness? What are your bite-prevention tips? Sound off in the comments.