When most of us think about fat camp, we imagine a place tailored to the needs and whims of adolescents looking to establish new eating habits, exercise attitudes and friendships before entering into adulthood. It turns out, though, that the newest crop of health-minded campers doesn’t average out at age 16, but 60! Newly retired or on the cusp of doing so, many older adults are putting as much focus on recalibrating their health as they are on their finances, traveling to residential facilities to learn the habits they hope will keep them kicking well into their 90s. Recent studies have shown that twilight-years fitness goals pay off, proving that it’s never too late to get in shape and reap the benefits of a more streamlined system. If your looking to ramp up your nutrition and exercise habits, consult with a physician first to create the right plan for yourself. Have you ever visited a residential weight loss facility? Are you more, or less, motivated to stay in shape as you get older? Share your personal experiences in the comments.