Almost 4 million people have watched Amy Schumer's sketch, 'Last F***able Day,' in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus 'celebrates' graduating into Hollywood's desexualized, middle-aged female demographic. The piece is, of course, a condemnation of the way the entertainment industry treats women over 40, like milk past its expiration date. Louis-Dreyfus is as adamant about not buying into the beauty myth in real life as she is onscreen. Louis-Dreyfus, who is 54, told People she refuses to go under the knife—not only because of principles, but also because she hates needles. With this admission, Louis-Dreyfus joins a list of formidable women—Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep and Jodie Foster among them—openly opposed to cosmetic surgery. If you're hesitant or being pressured into getting cosmetic surgery, Louis-Dreyfus can be a source of inspiration for staying true to your own natural beauty. What do you think about the pressure exerted on female actors to look young? Do you think public opposition to youth culture affects the way we perceive aging? Sound off in the comments.


ABC News Radio: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Won't Give in to Hollywood's Beauty Obsession