Ask yourself, when are you more likely to consume junk food? On the run with family and friends—say, at a theme park or bike excursion—or sitting at home? A new study has found that while sitting is bad for us, fitness-wise, it doesn’t necessarily have negative implications when it comes to diet. In fact, scientists discovered that people ate fewer empty calories when being sedentary than they did while moving around. The takeaway from this one, unfortunately, is not to spend more time on the couch, but to be more aware of the choices we make when we’re on the run. A long hike doesn’t justify a couple of candy bars, for example—nuts are just as portable, and offer much more nutrition. What have you noticed about your eating habits when you’re sitting down versus mobile? What strategies do you use to keep from rewarding yourself and your family with unhealthy snacks, even when physical activity seems to cancel out the calories? Sound off in the comments.