I have a PhD in exfoliation. Masks, peels, grains, seeds, micro-beads, microdermabrasion, BuffPuffs, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, sandpaper--I've tried them all. OK, so not the last one. But one thing I've never tried? Straight-up shaving.

According to this story, it's as good as derma-planing, a procedure done in a dermatologist's office that takes off the top layer of skin using a sharp blade. "One reason men are thought to get fewer wrinkles is that they're constantly exfoliating their faces every time they shave, literally shaving away the outermost layers of skin and encouraging your skin to create new layers," said Alexis Wolfer, editor of The Beauty Bean. But the benefits of shaving your faces only come if you don’t have facial hair. According to Wolfer, hair can grow back thicker and darker for women with facial hair.

There may be a market for these feminine face-shavers (Shiseido sell them), but there are other options for exfoliating your skin. You can try mixing Greek-yogurt with honey and smearing it over your face. Let it stay for 15 minutes before gently cleaning it off with sugar and warm water. Have you ever shaved to exfoliate? Would you?



ABC News Radio: Why Women Shaving Their Faces Is Now a Thing