Unless you’re a medical professional, teacher, babysitter or lifeguard, chances are getting official CPR training has never popped up on your to-do list. But according to new statistics, if more people recognized the signs of cardiac arrest and began CPR, a lot more lives could be saved. As it is, only 3 percent of Americans learn CPR each year, and of the 400,000 Americans who go into cardiac arrest, only 6 percent survive. If you witness someone in cardiac arrest (in which they stop breathing, don’t respond and don’t have a pulse), immediately call 911 and then begin chest compressions by putting one hand over the other and pushing to the tempo of the Bee Gees’ disco hit ‘Stayin’ Alive’ until help arrives. Does this news prompt you to want to receive CPR training? Tell us in the comments and then head over to the American Red Cross website to find a CPR course near you.