High-profile types are yelling for fitness.

When’s the last time you screamed during a sweat session? And those grunts and groans don’t count!

Taryn Toomey, the creator of a celebrity-studded Manhattan workout called the class, actually encourages her clients to release tension with well-timed yelling.  In the 75-minute mat-based routine, a favorite of stars including Naomi Watts, clients use their own body weight to work one muscle group at a time to the point of total exhaustion. Toomey intersperses these intense bouts of strength exercises with equally intense bursts of cardio. Then she leads the class in a tension-relieving scream. “As it starts to build, I say,  ‘All those stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck, bring them up, inhale, and then go, Waaaaah!’ ” Toomey says, “and the room erupts.” The sound isn’t only cathartic, she explains; it also helps move the breath through the body. To try this during your own workout--hopefully out of everyone else’s earshot--pick an intense moment, crank up the music, and yell it out. 

In intenSati classes, a method created by Patricia Moreno and inspired by Deepak Chopra that fuses together martial arts, yoga, dance, strength conditioning and aerobics, yelling positive affirmations and mantras, like “I am worth it!” during the high-intensity, calorie burning workout is par for the course.  Moreno, who created the hour-long workout after spending most of her youth struggling with weight issues and an eating disorder, figured out that getting in shape had as much to do with the mind as it does with body, introducing the concept in the early 2000s at Equinox in NYC. Still teaching a few days a week at various locations of the club in New York, intenSati classes are offered around the country and a workout DVD is available as well.