The new model-endorsed exercise move.

Taylor Swift looked like a Victoria’s Secret Angel on the runway of the lingerie giant’s annual fashion show in December, thanks to New York trainer Justin Gelband, who is known as “The Model Whisperer,” for good reason: His clients include cover girls, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models and Victoria’s Secret Angels Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and Swift’s best friend and workout buddy, Karlie Kloss. Gelband, who does personal training and runs group classes at his Manhattan studio, modelFIT, which is located in photographer Terry Richardson’s former photo studio, skips old-school bodybuilding moves such as squats and lunges. Those are best left to men who want to get big, he says. 

With his method, which is a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, movement, motion, balance stability and more, he creates routines designed to help models achieve the holy grail of women’s bodies: long, lean and toned but not bulky. His client Erin Heatherton swears by this core-toning exercise: Begin in downward dog position. Then, with your feet on small sliders (the kind you put under a piece of heavy furniture to move it more easily) move the right leg to the side on the floor and then back to its original position. Repeat with the left leg.  

In addition to his more traditional modelFIT group classes, which consist of everything from circuit training and isometric training to light weight lifting, Gelband also offers a boxing class, which use his techniques along with “refigured boxing traditions for cardio training, balance, mobility and stability.”

And since it takes more than sweat to keep a model figure, the studio also offers a wellness and nutrition program conducted by holistic nutritionist Vanessa Packer. 


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