Even though many lifelong friendships are formed in yoga class, yoga is typically not considered a social pursuit. Wanderlust, a wellness-slash-lifestyle festival, is here to change the perception of yoga as a quiet and introspective activity by adding music, recreational substances and exotic destinations.


“When we first came up with the idea of a festival, people said, ‘No one is going to want to do yoga all day and party all night,’ except we knew that’s exactly what they would do,” said Sean Hoess, co-founder of Wanderlust. “We would go to these yoga retreats, and that’s exactly what they were already doing.”

Some teachers on the Wanderlust circuit encourage attendees to relate to one another on an—ahem—visual and sensual level. Even though the event may conjure up images of off-the-grid hippies, it’s expensive: It will cost you $300 per night for accommodations and another $100 daily for entrance fees.

Would you attend a free-spirited yoga convention or do you think the party atmosphere runs counter to the original tenets of yoga practice?



New York Times: At Hawaii Resort, Yoga by Day, Party by Night