The last decade has delivered lots of high-tech hair treatments, from Japanese straightening (permanent straightening) to Brazilian blowouts (hair smoothing), many come with questionable safety records. But a new hairdressing craze is decidedly low-tech; in fact, it’s as old as fire. Because it is fire! Velaterapia, also known as ‘candle cutting,’ is a type of treatment that involves a stylist applying an active flame to his or her client’s split ends. The goal is to clean up any ragged areas without sacrificing length. At one salon in New York, clients pay approximately $200 for the service. While this is definitely not something you should try at home, there are alternatives to solving the split ends dilemma. Experts suggest saturating hair with fresh water before swimming, avoiding hair accessories with metal parts and applying a heat-protective serum before using thermal tools. Would you try candle cutting? What’s the zaniest thing you’ve ever paid to have done to your hair? Share the tales of your tresses—however cringeworthy—in the comments.