Struggling to get up each morning for work might not only be attributed to the extreme comfort of your sheets—it could also have something to do with your circadian rhythms. In fact, unless you’re 10 or in your 50s, keeping to a 9-5 schedule isn’t conducive to your body’s natural energies.

According to a researcher at Oxford University, the brain’s hypothalamus, which controls our circadian rhythms, responds differently to light depending on our age. This suggests that teenagers and those in their 20s, 30s and 40s require extra sleep, which would make 10AM the ideal start time for school and work. “The positive side of this is people’s performance, mood and health will improve,” said Dr. Paul Kelley, clinical research associate at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at Oxford University. “It’s very uplifting in a way, because it’s a solution that will make people less ill, and happier and better at what they do.”

Once you hit your mid-50s, your circadian rhythms revert to the patterns of a 10-year-old, allowing you to easily wake at 6:30AM and arrive at the office by 8 or 9. What’s your take on this theory? Do you think a 10AM work time would suit you better?



The Guardian: Why You Should Start Work at 10AM