How to avoid gaining it back and getting sick.

Stop the Yo-Yo-ing

“If you’re a yo-yo dieter, you risk insulin resistance,” says Philip Goglia, PhD, celebrity nutritionist and founder of Performance Fitness Concepts1, an elite performance clinic in Los Angeles. “More so than somebody who is just moderately overweight.” But he says you can get out of insulin trouble by re-balancing your blood sugar. “Establish a protein-based meal pattern where you’re using fats as an energy source.” 

He suggests in broad strokes that your eating day look something like this to get back on track:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, an egg, and half a cup of berries

Morning Snack: A packet of Justin’s almond butter2

Lunch: Include a starch to stabilize energy and prevent a blood sugar drop, like a sweet potato, and eat it with veggies and protein

Afternoon Snack: Fruit and a dozen almonds

Dinner: No starch.  Protein and veggies only


All our medical experts agree that eating is important and said that elite athletes don’t bust out killer workouts without fueling them with food. Even if you’re not planning on competing in the Olympics, you should follow the same rule. Integrative Physician and Naturopath Jade Teta PhD3, based in Winston-Salem North Carolina  says, “When you embark on weight loss you want to be very careful to match intake with output. If you’re eating less, exercise less. If you’re exercise more, eat more.”

And since nobody is paying you $20 million to star on the big screen, there’s no reason to crash diet. That crash turns into a burn when you gain it all back and more, possibly transforming a svelte body into a bundle of health issues down the road.