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Leah Ornstein Groth

LivingHealthy Contributor


Leah Ornstein is freelance writer and long-time entertainment journalist. After years of interviewing everyone from Clint Eastwood to Kim Kardashian, and covering everything from the Academy Awards to the Grammys, she traded in her Christian Louboutins for Sorels and moved to the Midwest. Today, she covers celebrity diet, fitness, and beauty trends for a variety of publications, including Life & Style, Fit Pregnancy, Radar.com, Popdust.com, and XoJane.com. Leah is currently based in Chicago, where she is raising her precocious son Jackson Alexander the Great.  


“I spent most of my 20s and 30s trying to lose weight, too preoccupied with calories and fat grams. My health philosophy has changed drastically since becoming a mother. I believe a wholesome, healthy and nutritious diet is the way to go, eating as close to earth as possible and avoiding chemicals and additives whenever possible. However, I allow myself (and my son) to eat the other stuff every once and awhile, as well. It’s all about moderation!”