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Nan Forte, MS

LivingHealthy Contributor


A long-time member of the American Medical Writer's Association dating back to the 80's and holding a rare Master's of Science degree in Biomedical Communications, Nan has been covering health and science topics her entire career.  Starting as a scriptwriter at The Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, to an advertising agency copywriter and creative director for health-related consumer package goods, pharmaceutical products and medical devices (hey a girl has to eat after she drops out of medical school to become a starving journalist!),  to an executive writer and editor for consumer books and videos at Time-Life Medical and a head of content for iVillage Health,, and the first Editor in Chief of WebMD the Magazine for over a decade, she has received over 300 of the most prestigious awards and accolades for her coverage of health and lifestyle.

Nan's work has appeared in PBS, NBC, CBS, Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, Reader's Digest, WebMD the Magazine Nan's Note, and a variety of consumer books, publications and blogs.


Energy, love, knowledge, persistence and understanding are a continuously renewing resource.