Rachel compressed

Rachel Brown


Rachel Brown is a freelance journalist covering beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics. After initially aspiring to be a political reporter, she started writing about cosmetics and clothes when the Los Angeles Business Journal put her on the consumer brand beat. Given her decades-long affection for beauty products (Bobbi Brown lipstick, Wet N Wild blue eyeliner, and Aqua Net were her teenage staples), the role suited her. Afterward, she continued writing about the latest products during her eight years on staff at Women’s Wear Daily. Rachel is based in Davis, California where she tries mostly unsuccessfully to test grooming products on her husband and set a decent example for her daughter. 


"I am not afraid to be average. I’m never going to come close to winning a race, 
but that didn’t stop me from completing marathons, and I’m never going to 
perfect headstands, although I am enthusiastic about yoga classes. I tell my 
daughter and husband everyday that I love them and attempt to mean it at least 
half the time."