Thomas lewis phd

Thomas Lewis, PhD

LivingHealthy Contributor


Tom Lewis, PhD, is an author and renowned health expert. He has dedicated the past decade to finding a solution to Alzheimer’s disease, and his research over the past several years culminated in two books, YouDoc – Protect Yourself from Chronic Disease and The End of Alzheimer’s – A Differential Diagnosis Toward a Cure. His core finding is that appropriate diet and modifiable environmental factors that support immune health will stave off Alzheimer’s and other inflammatory chronic diseases.


“Maintain balance through moderation. My diet is heavily slanted toward healthy fats and compensating for food deficiencies. My major supplements are cod liver oil for omega-3’s, vitamin D, and vitamin A. Regarding exercise, I’m consistent and do what I like so that it is sustainable. All movement is good. Finally I don’t panic about deadlines, so I get plenty of sleep. Lastly, water is the key to maintaining balance and removing toxins. Drink plenty.”