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Eating & Food - Navigating the food aisles, restaurant choices, home delivery services, and range of food options available today can send even the healthiest of us to the drive-thru. View food as medicine, energy, nourishment, cleansing, balance and pleasure. Find joy in preparing and eating food. You may just start racking up those daily step counts by shifting your time spent on eating out to cooking in. The nutritionists, dieticians, chefs and other lifestyle experts here show you how to get satisfied, stay healthy and... Have some fun.

10 Instagram Accounts That Make You Fall In Love with Eating Healthy

Healthy food, what’s that? Is it uncooked celery placed beside a hot, sweat inducing, dip of broth? Who would want to eat that? This is how I sometimes approach the topic of eating healthy, and maybe you do too. The word healthy is often synonymous with habits that require too much effort, or...

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What Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Don’t Eat

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Ramani Durvasula, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

View Expert Profile

Ramona Braganza

Celebrity Trainer and Global Fitness Expert

View Expert Profile

Marco Borges

Exercise Physiologist

View Expert Profile

Lavinia Errico

Inside/Out Movement, Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs

View Expert Profile

Laura Ellis, MD

Wellness Physician, Surgeon and Cosmetic Physician

View Expert Profile

Ashley Koff, RD

Dietitian, Nutrition Educator and Health Advocate

View Expert Profile

Michael Apa, DDS

DDS, Partner, Rosenthal Apa Group

View Expert Profile

Jennifer Yates

Master Pilates Instructor

View Expert Profile

Mary Kay Finn

Holistic Health Professional

View Expert Profile

Gabe Rangel

Lead Performance Trainer, Unbreakable Performance Center

View Expert Profile

Jessica Wu, MD

Dermatologist, Researcher, International Lecturer

View Expert Profile

Patricia Moreno

Inspirational leader, Creator of the intenSati Method, Founder of Sati Life

View Expert Profile

Kimberly Snyder, CN

Nutritionist, Teacher, Yogi, World Adventurer

View Expert Profile

Amy Tardio, CMC, CWC

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

View Expert Profile

Jay Glazer

TV Sports Commentator and Professional Fitness Trainer

View Expert Profile

Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, PhD, FAAD

Clinical Dermatologist, Laser Surgeon and Researcher

View Expert Profile

Jamie Sherrill, RN

Nurse Jamie, Hollywood Skin Expert

View Expert Profile

Nonna Gleyzer

Master Pilates Instructor

View Expert Profile

Akasha Richmond

Chef/Owner of AKASHA restaurant

View Expert Profile

Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ayurveda, Integrative and Holistic medicine

View Expert Profile

Marie-Josee Shaar MAPP, CPT

Wellness Workshop Designer and Facilitator

View Expert Profile

Lori Bregman

Birth Doula, Life Coach and Healer

View Expert Profile

Mia Togo

Yoga Instructor, Life Coach

View Expert Profile

Cora Wen

Certified Yoga Therapist and Founder of Yoga Bloom, an advanced Yoga Therapy Training

View Expert Profile

Larry Kaskel, MD

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

View Expert Profile

Lauren Roxburgh

Best-Selling Author, Alignment Expert, Certified in Structural Integration and Classical Pilates

View Expert Profile

Haideh Hirmand, MD, FACS

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon/Beauty Expert

View Expert Profile

Craig Cooper

Health, Wellness and Fitness Expert

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The Ultimate Recipe for Sweet Toasted Coconut Bars

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