The Heart Chakra: To Love.

Find compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Exercise discipline and humility. Achieve harmony. Gain physical immunity and peace of mind.

Wellness is Balance. Eastern & Western Options May Apply.

When you’re off kilter, your happiness, security, productivity and healthy routines are at stake. If you’re looking for a holistic balance between mind and body that supports optimal wellness, vitality, longevity and disease management, you need to know what options are out there. Today medical experts widely range in types and styles. Some practice mainstream western medicine, others use eastern healing and wellness principles; and some blend integrative approaches. Find your equilibrium here.

5 Things To Know Before Taking HGH Plunge

Thank Lance Armstrong for setting back society’s already backward view of human growth hormone (HGH) last year when he admitted – finally – to taking them and became the new poster boy for cheaters the world over. Cycling and other professional sports leagues and their antiquated bans aside, most...

The Skinny: Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga was first introduced to the Western world in the 19th century by Indian monk Swami Vivekananda. It gained traction in the U.S. in the 1980s and today it’s one of the most popular fitness regimens with countless variations to choose from. At its core, yoga is a series...

5 Exercises for Better Sex

Sex and fitness make for common bedfellows. Getting good at one, usually makes you better at the other. How else do you explain a shared usage of so many verbs: thrusting, pumping, lunging, flexing, and squatting (we could go on but things would get a bit risqué). But while a healthy and active...

Beauty at every Age

Who doesn’t love the Harper’s Bazaar feature “Fabulous at Every Age?” We’re taking a riff on this monthly fashion column to tackle beauty priorities for your skin at every age. The 20s The Concern: Establishing a routine While women in their twenties tend to have bright complexions and enviable...

Anatomy of an Orgasm: What’s Going On When You Get Off

The French call it the “Little Death.” But most of us know it as “The Big O.” Its pursuit makes men act like dogs and it can lead a woman to purr like a cat. If we are honest, we’ll realize that much, if not most, of why we work so hard in the gym – to tone up are six-pack or tighten our bums –...

Experts on Logo

Jay Glazer

TV Sports Commentator and Professional Fitness Trainer

View Expert Profile

Akasha Richmond

Chef/Owner of AKASHA restaurant

View Expert Profile

Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, PhD, FAAD

Clinical Dermatologist, Laser Surgeon and Researcher

View Expert Profile

Ramona Braganza

Celebrity Trainer and Global Fitness Expert

View Expert Profile

Jennifer Yates

Master Pilates Instructor

View Expert Profile

Lauren Roxburgh

Best-Selling Author, Alignment Expert, Certified in Structural Integration and Classical Pilates

View Expert Profile

Marco Borges

Exercise Physiologist

View Expert Profile

Laura Ellis, MD

Wellness Physician, Surgeon and Cosmetic Physician

View Expert Profile

Michael Apa, DDS

DDS, Partner, Rosenthal Apa Group

View Expert Profile

Gabe Rangel

Lead Performance Trainer, Unbreakable Performance Center

View Expert Profile

Mary Kay Finn

Holistic Health Professional

View Expert Profile

Larry Kaskel, MD

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

View Expert Profile

Lavinia Errico

Inside/Out Movement, Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs

View Expert Profile

Kimberly Snyder, CN

Nutritionist, Teacher, Yogi, World Adventurer

View Expert Profile

Nonna Gleyzer

Master Pilates Instructor

View Expert Profile

Patricia Moreno

Inspirational leader, Creator of the intenSati Method, Founder of Sati Life

View Expert Profile

Amy Tardio, CMC, CWC

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

View Expert Profile

Jessica Wu, MD

Dermatologist, Researcher, International Lecturer

View Expert Profile

Lori Bregman

Birth Doula, Life Coach and Healer

View Expert Profile

Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ayurveda, Integrative and Holistic medicine

View Expert Profile

Ashley Koff, RD

Dietitian, Nutrition Educator and Health Advocate

View Expert Profile

Haideh Hirmand, MD, FACS

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon/Beauty Expert

View Expert Profile

Ramani Durvasula, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

View Expert Profile

Cora Wen

Certified Yoga Therapist and Founder of Yoga Bloom, an advanced Yoga Therapy Training

View Expert Profile

Mia Togo

Yoga Instructor, Life Coach

View Expert Profile

Jamie Sherrill, RN

Nurse Jamie, Hollywood Skin Expert

View Expert Profile

Craig Cooper

Health, Wellness and Fitness Expert

View Expert Profile

Marie-Josee Shaar MAPP, CPT

Wellness Workshop Designer and Facilitator

View Expert Profile

Seven Sexy Foods To Get You in Mood

There’s nothing like a good meal to make you hungry for some even better lovin’ (hold the references to sausage, bananas or melons, please!). The reason a night of wining and dining routinely leads to the horizontal mambo, is as much physiological as it is psychological. And if that sounds too...

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