Expert Profile - Franco Carlotto

Franco Carlotto

Fitness Expert Expert stats
  • Years Training: 27
  • Six-time Mr. World Fitness
  • Creator of the Carb Cycle by Franco Carlotto
  • Founder of Optifitness and Fitness for Kids
  • Carried Olympic Torch through Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2004


“Optimal fitness is not a sprint but a journey. Your body doesn’t just think in calories, but more in nutrients. Once you implement the carb cycle philosophy, you can be synchronized with any goal or food preference in achieving and maintaining a fit form and healthy lifestyle. My goal is to educate and teach people how to eat, exercise and think right about fitness − and especially carbohydrates.”


Carlotto is Swiss-Italian and found his passion for fitness at the age of 11 when he set the goal to learn everything he could about fitness. His dream was to become a World Champion and it became a reality 15 years later. After years of trying and testing countless diets and fitness methods, Carlotto eventually discovered "the truth about fitness" and won the prestigious Mr. World Fitness competition six years in a row. In addition, Carlotto was No. 1 on the World Fitness Federation World Ranking list from 1996−2004, a record that has made him one of the most successful and recognized fitness athletes ever as well as an internationally recognized fitness model and expert. 

As a fitness expert, Carlotto has been a spokesperson, official partner, speaker, or consultant for prestigious groups including: The Department of Health Services, American Cancer Society, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Boys and Girls Club, The American Heart Association, Special Olympics and The March of Dimes. He is the author of Franco Carlotto's Carb Cycle and Fitness for Kids Because Children are our Future and his work has also been published in newspapers and magazines such as GQ, Fit for Fun, Bild and Swiss Illustrated.

Having spent the past 27 years dedicated to the study of fitness and nutrition, Carlotto created the Carb Cycle system to win all of his championship titles as well as help people all over the world get and stay in shape using his knowledge and unique methods of eating carbs the right way.

Carlotto resides in Los Angeles, Calif., teaching his fitness philosophy and Carb Cycle system to everyone, from celebrities and corporate executives to housewives. Simultaneously, he is building Fitness for Kids into a worldwide organization for upcoming generations.

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