Expert Profile - Lavinia Errico

Lavinia Errico

Inside/Out Movement, Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs Expert stats
  • Lives in Malibu, Calif.
  • Co-founded Equinox Fitness clubs with her brothers Danny and Vito Errico in 1990
  • Equinox was sold to North Castle Partners, L.L.C. and J.W. Childs Associates in 2001
  • Motivational speaker
  • Creator of Inside/Out Movement


“I believe life is a journey, and we are meant to be happy and share our joy, but in order to achieve this state of joy we have to find true balance and genuine mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. To accomplish this, we must move through our blind spots; the things that stop us from finding our best selves and living in our gratitude. I believe we have to slow down, look deep within, listen to our inner voices and find out who we are and what we stand for. Part of this process involves finding the things we love doing and committing to moving our bodies every day to keep our bodies and our minds strong. We must remember that while we may not achieve perfection in our workouts, our food choices, our relationship or our selves, we can live every day with pure intentions and make the choice to eat healthy, participate in daily physical activity and build nurturing, personal and loving relationships.  We must practice self-respect, strive to remain open to laughter, love, and the light around and within all of us.”


Lavinia Errico is a nationally recognized fitness and wellness entrepreneur as well as the founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs. She the creator of the Inside/Out Movement and is an in-demand motivational speaker in the areas of fitness, wellness, nutrition and emotional/spiritual/physical balance. Errico helps people of all ages learn to become their own life coaches, discover their authentic selves, and experience the power of gratitude and the gift of true joy. A lifelong believer in the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, Errico is also a passionate dancer, biker, hiker and nature lover. She is currently working on a book about how to create the life you want.


Equinox members have included Hilary Swank, John Mayer, Renée Zellweger, Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron