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Our team of experts and staff use their experience and knowledge to provide information and products that can inspire and enable people to live healthier and fuller lives.          


Our mantra is to discover products from world-class experts that have attracted passionate customers who rave about the results.  If the product is niche, we like it even more because it will serve a specific role in our HealthStations™. Our goal is to also curate and evaluate the products along with our LivingHealthy Expert Advisors. If we are not thrilled with everything about the product - from how it’s made, to how it easily fits into our lives and supports a holistic approach to living healthier, we do not share it. We grade the product on the qualities that we believe are the most important in a particular product category. We only want to share the information, research and data that we gather on the products in a concise way. We don’t skimp on the background information or the educational details  


We are families, employees, colleagues, friends and volunteers who share a commitment to the overall wellness of all living things. We believe in giving back and enabling socially-responsible initiatives to move their great work forward.  We support the select foundations, associations and community initiatives of the experts and product manufacturers that we partner with to promote their mission and ours. Our staff is encouraged and accommodated for participating in not-for-profit volunteer activities and initiatives that promote our mission to enable people to live healthier and fuller lives.