Expert Profile - Mary Kay Finn

Mary Kay Finn

Holistic Health Professional Expert stats
  • Owner of Thrive Wellness in Santa Monica, Calif.
  • Extensive background in nutrition, body ecology, diet and detoxification
  • Certified QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) practitioner
  • Thrive in Joy


“Good health is a commitment to doing the things that generate it and NOT doing the things that destroy it. Most important is finding balance in body, mind and spirit; learning how to manage stress and your internal dialogue in a way that serves you and does not keep you in constant fight or flight. By addressing dietary and lifestyle factors, the body can return to its natural state, which is one of balance and vibrant health.”


Mary Kay Finn’s journey to becoming a natural health practitioner is the result of a 15-year quest to resolve her own chronic fatigue. She worked with over 38 alternative and traditional medical practitioners, and studied diet, nutrition, body ecology, herbs and detoxification methods extensively to get well. She received specific training and mentorship with a successful naturopathic doctor for four years and earned her certification as a QRA practitioner, specializing in Body/Mind Wellness. She found a path that led her to a state of truly remarkable and vibrant health and now has a passion for educating people to get and stay well in today's world. She is the owner of Thrive Wellness in Santa Monica, Calif. and works with clients in the Los Angeles area as well as via telephone and online.